Still Have Questions? - 依然遇到问题?

We try to maintain a comprehensive set of documentation for various audiences. However, we realize that often there are questions that remain unanswered. For any technical questions relating to Hyperledger Fabric not answered here, please use StackOverflow. Another approach to getting your questions answered to send an email to the mailing list (, or ask your questions on RocketChat (an alternative to Slack) on the #fabric or #fabric-questions channel.

我们试图为各位读者维护一份综合性的文档集合。然后,我们意识到依然还有很多问题没被解答。对于任何 Hyperledger Fabric 的相关问题,如果在本系列文档中未获得解答,请使用 StackOverflow 获取帮助。另一个获取问题答案的方法是,将你的疑问通过 email 发送到 mailing list (,或者在 RocketChat (一种 Slack 的替代品) 上的 #fabric 或 #fabric-questions 频道提出你的问题。


Please, when asking about problems you are facing tell us about the environment in which you are experiencing those problems including the OS, which version of Docker you are using, etc.

请注意,当提出问题时,你需要提供你遇到这些问题的环境信息,例如操作系统、你使用的 Docker 版本号等。